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Legal issues and the pursuit of legal claims can be daunting. A victim’s recovery is often impacted by the quality of counsel, which means that the attorney representing the victim should have the skill, experience, intellect, drive, and resources to pursue the case diligently and with competence.

Our firm has these qualifications. We pride ourselves on learning about our clients and no case is treated routinely. Rather, it is our view that each case must be sensitive to the unique set of facts and circumstances that brought it about, and that the injuries that a person sustains, whether they are health related, financial, or both, must be understood and presented in an understandable way, usually with expert witness support. Accordingly, when we represent victims, we individually tailor our approach to the investigation, mediation, arbitration, or trial on a case by case basis. We endeavor to ensure client satisfaction by offering a collaborative approach that is result oriented. We have litigated and resolved disputes resulting in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in many areas of the law, some of which are discussed below.

As you review your choices for counsel, and as you consider your options to seek justice, be cognizant of the fact that there are time limits, known as statutes of limitations, that require that lawsuits be filed, or that notices about potential lawsuits be filed, within certain time limits or the right to seek recovery for those claims will be permanently lost. Therefore, regardless of the type of injury or claim that concerns you, it is best that you seek out this information so that your case is not lost to delay.

Once your case is understood, including the liability issues, the identification of persons or business entities that might be responsible, the nature and extent of your injuries and losses, and any applicable time limits for filing suit and preserving your legal rights (statutes of limitations) we will make informed decisions about whether, where and how to proceed on your behalf. For representation to be effective you must understand the many legal and practical nuances that must be considered so that the right decisions about your case will be made. Your involvement in this process is crucial.

Call us at 410-244-1155 or email us at to schedule a free consultation. We most often represent our clients on a contingency basis, and in those cases we advance and take the risk of loss for all litigation costs.

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