Catastrophic and Transportation Injury Mass Torts

When numerous people have been injured or adversely impacted by a rail, train or aviation crash, or by a negligently designed or manufactured product or medication, hundreds if not thousands of people file claims. Because of the sheer magnitude of these situations, the federal courts created a panel of judges, known as the Judicial System for Multi-District Litigation, which has the right to reassign all federally filed cases to a single judge and court. At that point, a Steering Committee of lawyers is appointed to manage the cases on matters that they have in common. These cases are not class actions. Rather, they are individual cases that target a single set of defendants who are claimed to be responsible for widespread personal damage. We are regularly involved in these cases, both as steering committee members or as counsel to smaller sets of victims. We have achieved significant recoveries, often yielding multi-million dollar recoveries for our clients. These include aviation and railway disasters, over-the-counter health supplements, and medical products and devices.

If you or a relative or friend have experienced harm because of a situation like this, and you want to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 410-244-1155 or email We are willing to represent clients who have these cases on a contingency basis, and we advance all litigation costs.

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