Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies are required to honor their policy agreements and to abide by state and federal laws and regulations as they evaluate, engage in communications about, or settle claims. When an insurer unlawfully breaches its duty to provide adequate information, compensation or coverage to its insured or third parties, or if it defrauds someone, it may be subject to suit for “bad faith” practices. We authored a treatise for lawyers entitled Insurance Coverage and Claims – Good Faith/Bad Faith, which explains the law and litigation strategies used by and to be used by lawyers in Maryland. It was published by the Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, Inc., and has long been a valuable resource to legal practitioners.

We aggressively represent and when advisable seek compensation and punitive damages for policyholders and third parties harmed by the wrongful acts of insurance companies.

If you or a relative or friend have experienced harm because of a perceived wrongful act by an insurance company, and you want to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 410-244-1155 or email We are willing to represent clients who have these cases on a contingency basis, and we advance all litigation costs.

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